January 22, 2018

Oy Vey, Vegan! Follows Growing Vegan Trend

Portland, Oregon…by Eda Kram…Kosher vegan is definitely catching on, say kosher food experts, and for Estee Raviv life here with its many vegans has prompted her to author a new kosher vegan cookbook, “Oy Vey, Vegan! Estee, a natural foods chef and teacher wanted to help others learn how much fun and easy it could be to prepare simple yet delicious vegan options without leaving Jewish comfort foods and traditions behind. Growing up in Israel, Estee was pulling from the wildly healthy influences of the Mediterranean diet and flavors in the vibrant meals she prepared for her husband and three children. "Taking out the meat, dairy and eggs from my recipes and replacing them with plant-based proteins and options was a fun challenge to me." Estee shared with a smile. She also sprinkled stories of her journeys, world travels, love for art, photography and culture into her flagship cookbook. The photographs in the book are all her work. Oy VEY VEGAN is a celebration of Jewish food/ heritage and an inspired life that ends up informing her innovative, delightful recipes and tips on healthy eating in general. Her cookbook has easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to prepare Jewish favorites, from vegan Matzoh ball soup, pareve blintzes to desserts and snacks with a gourmet flair.

This past Kosherfest, overflowing with natural, organic and vegan products, confirms the trend that vegan, even if it's just adding Meatless Monday to our weekly menu, is here to stay.

With all of the cutting edge evidence now confirming the health merits of incorporating more plant-based foods into kosher diets, Estee's book is a timely addition to every Jewish home’s kitchen. (www.esteeskitchen.com)