February 2, 2021

Overseas Products Could Slip in Unauthorized Kosher Certification

London… “Kashrus Alert: The following product sold in the USA in retail and bulk packaging has been erroneously labelled as kosher certified. KLBD does not kosher certify Don Anecio Balsamic Vinegar and the product should be treated as non-kosher,” said the Court of the Chief Rabbi Beth Din, London. It is not uncommon to find a product produced in the USA to be sold in this country with an unauthorized “hechsher” (kosher certification), usually due to an error. But it is less common for an overseas producer to invest in packaging and the cost of export with an unauthorized hechsher. But apparently, say kashrus sources, it does happen although it might take longer to notify the consuming public. In the case of Don Anecio, the London Beth Din was quick to get the message out to the US. One European broker told Kosher Today that “manufacturers often use symbols by other manufacturers as an indication that it is commonly used without understanding the kosher nuances.” He warned US kosher consumers to investigate hechsherim from overseas when no major US kosher symbol appears on the package.