September 29, 2020

Outdoor Synagogues Turn into Outdoor Caterers

Brooklyn, NY…A large tent set up for worshippers who wanted to social distance and avoid the indoors in a Midwood neighborhood, suddenly turned into an outdoor catered affair. Celebrating the engagement of a young couple, the caterer quickly converted the “synagogue” into a catering hall with a beautiful display of pastries and fruits as well as hot dishes. Even some synagogues were doing their foodservice outdoors so long as the weather cooperates. The outdoor kosher food scene has especially become a bone of contention for restaurants adhering to the policy of outdoor dining, takeout and delivery only. Several restaurants say that many of their customers were ecstatic with outdoor dining and hoping it would continue at least in the warmer months. The patrons said they felt like they were in Europe where outdoor dining is popular and were quite happy with the alternate dining model.