March 9, 2015

OU Ventures into New Kosher Cookbook – New Trend for Kashrus Agencies

New York - Customer service or as kashrus agencies call it “consumer education” is nothing new to kashrus agencies. In recent years, many of the larger kashrus agencies have launched robust websites, periodic newsletters, and even recipes. It is their way of extending the value of the symbol beyond simply certifying a product as kosher. Witness seminars held recently by the Star-K on bug checking or the OU’s ongoing community lecture series or the OK’s Spirit magazine, or even the Kof-K’s community service in terms of helping older singles find mates. But now the OU Press in conjunction with Schocken Books has published “The Covenant Kitchen: Food and Wine for the New Jewish Table” by Jeff and Jodie Morgan. The OU positions the book as an important message for kosher which “preserves and perpetuates the sanctity of the Jewish family table and the Jewish community.” The authors Jeff and Jodie Morgan are veteran cookbook authors and owners of the acclaimed Covenant Winery in California. The recipes in the book range from hummus with toppings and pita bread to cauliflower soup with crispy garlic and curry oil, gefilte quenelles with braised leeks, gnocchi with sage butter, spiced lamb tagine with currants and Israeli couscous, and Chile chocolate soufflé, this cookbook contains more than one hundred mouthwatering recipes complete with suggested wine pairings. Filled with the flavors of Italy, Israel, Provence, North Africa, Asia and California, these original, easy-to-prepare recipes for appetizers, salads, soups, side dishes, main courses, and desserts take kosher dining to a new, upscale level. The Covenant Kitchen includes informative sidebars on how to select the right wine for any occasion, and on how to prepare the basics (chicken stock, vegetable stock, mayonnaise, pesto sauce).