September 21, 2015

OU Trains Women to be Home “Mashgichot”

New York - For 22 women from the Tri-State area, learning more about managing their kosher home was the reason they signed up for the semi-annual Harry H. Beren ASK OU Kashrus Seminar for Women, according to Phyllis Koegel, marketing director for the OU. They participated in seminars on such topics as Shemita in the Diaspora, Margarine and Passover, Inspecting Vegetables for Insects, The 21st Century Supermarket and its Multiple Kashrus Issues, Foodservice Kashrus, Red Flag Ingredients, Kashrus of Medications, the Baking Industry, and Issues with Chickens, One participant described her experience with the following adjectives: “Awesome, amazing, informative, thought provoking, educational.” “Excellent,” another concurred. “Very informative and detailed information. Nice balance of classes and touring.”

The week-long program, which concluded in late August, included lectures at OU Kosher headquarters in New York City as well as several field trips: a visit to the Hilton Meadowlands Hotel kitchen in East Rutherford, NJ; the Arizona Tea Factory in Maplewood, NJ; New Star Caterers in North Woodmere, NY; Seasons Supermarket in Lawrence, NY; and Oasis Foods in Hillside, NJ.