September 27, 2016

OU: No Immediate Concern About Milk from Non-Kosher Animals

New York - There is considerable gossip in the dairy industry that there may soon be more dairy products made with camel milk. If used as an ingredient in many items, it may potentially wreak havoc for people who observe kosher. But in an article in the Daf Hakashrus of the Orthodox

Union, Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer explains that the OU has no immediate concern that it will be widely accepted and possibly fool kosher consumers. With the price of camel milk being so prohibitive, it is unlikely that it will replace cow’s milk, the rabbi points out. The fact that it is such a remote possibility would render it a non-issue, according to opinions by leading scholars quoted in the article. Camel milk is licensed by the FDA for use as an ingredient and a major producer of the milk is planning a major expansion of distribution. But food sources say that at $144 for one gallon of raw milk, there is little chance that the milk would make any inroads.