May 20, 2013

OU Companies Gain New On-Line Communications Tool

NEW YORK — Companies certified by the OU can now communicate with the agency through a new Website, the kosher certifying agency announced. Called Product Automation, this new feature includes a variety of options to make it easier and quicker for companies to maintain their certified product lists and to add new products. 

“Previously,” explained Rabbi Moshe Elefant, COO of OU Kosher, “companies had to fax or email their requests for a new product by using a form. The improvements allow the process to be entirely online, going right into the system.” Product Automation will allow certified companies to view all of their OU Certified Products (Schedule B) in multiple formats namely PDF, Excel and a new customizable grid; add new products online; copy products from one plant to another; terminate products instantly online; and view status of all submissions.