October 21, 2013

OU CEO Publishes Book on Relationship with President Bill Clinton

NEW YORK — Rabbi Menachem Genack is the CEO of the Kashrus Division of the Orthodox Union (OU). He is well respected as a scholar and authority on kashrus. But Rabbi Genack has also had a longstanding relationship with former President Bill Clinton for the past 15 years. The Sterling Publishing Company recently released a new book with the letters between the kashrus authority and the former president. 

The two men first met when then-governor Clinton was just beginning his road to the White House; as their friendship deepened, the rabbi started sending Clinton brief essays highlighting spiritual insights from the Bible to help him navigate difficult decisions and issues. During his second term, the president asked Genack to write these pieces more regularly and formally, and the rabbi invited many of his distinguished acquaintances—Bible scholars, political leaders, scientists, clergy members, and laypeople—to contribute. 

This inspirational collection gathers more than 100 of these mini-sermons, organized by theme-expressions of the contemporary but universal messages found in the Bible's ancient wisdom—and featuring a foreword by Clinton himself.