September 20, 2010

ÒThree Day HolidaysÓ Create Demand for Planned Purchases

New York…They are called “three-day holidays” but in reality they are two-day holidays with Shabbat following immediately thereafter. The first of two such holidays begins this Wednesday night (September 22nd) and has resulted in larger than usual grocery bills, kosher retailers say. They also say that many of the shoppers come in with recipe supplements from such publications as Binah and Mishpacha and many even with Smartphones that enable them to instantly connect with recipes through Twitter and Facebook. The three day holidays are leading to predictions of record sales this Sukkot holiday with some saying they expect as much as a 20% increase in sales. Thousands of travelers headed to Israel in what one hotelier called “a bit of a soft market,” which usually means it took longer to sell out. Several days before the holiday, there were still rooms to be had in some of Jerusalem’s luxury hotels. Prepared foods are in greater demand than ever, one Brooklyn retailer said. In Miami, at least two caterers are offering cooking services for those spending the entire holiday at home. The popular Red Heifer Restaurant in Jerusalem has also introduced a new catering menu for those celebrating in their own sukkahs.