December 28, 2009

OsemÕs Gad to Bring Kosher Dairy to Britain

Jerusalem… KosherToday Israel Bureau Chief…Gad Dairy, known in Israel for its Bulgarian and boutique cheeses as well as yogurts and other cheese delicacies, will appear soon on grocery shelves in the UK. Osem International is entering the dairy category for the first time with the export launch of Gad products. Ezra Cohen CEO of the dairy. which is Israel's fourth largest, said that the objective is to expand beyond the kosher market and break into the ethnic food market in Britain. Ynet reports that according to Cohen, the salty cheeses have a long shelf life, making them a prime choice for the company's initial introduction into the British market. They will be sold at large retail chains such as Sainsbury. Exports represent about 10 percent of Gad Dairy's production. Sales for 2009 are expected to reach some $70.9 million including exports to Europe and the US. Gad Dairies will join Osem's Tsabar Salads which are already sold in major retail chains in Western Europe. Most popular are the humus spreads which the British are reported to prefer on crackers while the French spread it on a baguette and the Dutch fold it into a sandwich.