February 8, 2016

Osem Latest Israeli Company to go Under the Radar Screen

Tel Aviv - It seems that if you are a large Israeli food company and happen to be on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, you are really open to scrutiny. Several food companies have found a way to escape the spotlight by getting off the Exchange with the mega Osem being the latest, according to the prestigious Globes publication. A possible complete takeover of Osem by global company Nestle and delisting of Osem from the TASE became the talk of the day in the retail market. Senior market sources said that Nestle had decided to take Osem out of the spotlight and away from public criticism. "With their profits, I'd also delist them," a senior retailer said. "Why should they be in the middle of the social protest storm and be criticized all the time for how much they earn? It seems that mega companies like Tnuva and Coca Cola are off the Exchange so that they do not have to publish financials.