November 19, 2012

Osem Fetes its Outgoing President at Kosherfest

SECAUCUS, NJ — Izzet Ozdogan, the long-time president of Osem had just returned from Israel on a trip that included the opening of a secure playground for the children of Sderot, who have endured a steady barrage of rockets and now were on the front-lines of the widening conflict on the border with the Gaza Strip. It was difficult to imagine Ozdogan as retired, especially since he appeared as active as ever at Kosherfest. 

But at a farewell party in the nearby Holiday Inn, many leaders of the industry bid him farewell although most agreed that this was not to be his last hurrah. There was widespread praise for his accomplishments in building a strong Osem USA and for his role in building a dynamic kosher industry in the US. Surrounded by his family and successor (and longtime associate) Christophe Hervieu, it was at last time to say farewell. Osem USA is, of course, affiliated with the Israeli giant that is owned by Nestle.