April 1, 2019

Orlando Success Impacts Many Passover Programs

New York…Yes, Passover programs are still advertising and many are far from full. Could it be that the large crowds that are going to Orlando this year are affecting the programs? Apparently yes, according to knowledgeable sources. One operator said that he identified more than a dozen of his guests from 2018 who are this year choosing Orlando instead. “It’s late April 19th) and they were looking for a family retreat which Orlando offers.” Estimates are that some 6000 families will be spending either the entire or part of Passover in the Central Florida resort. Ironically, some of the European programs, often managed by Israeli operators, are doing very well with prices often far less than the American programs. The European programs have the advantage of drawing from the Americas, Europe and Israel. Tzali is taking 12 members of his family to Europe and as a million-mile traveler has plenty of points to cover the air travel. For some last minute vacationers, there is hope that they can strike a deal for the rooms they need at a discounted rate.