April 11, 2016

Orlando Key Passover Destination in 2016

Orlando…While nearly 100,000 Jews will be celebrating Passover in resorts, hotels and apartments around the world, thousands will be descending on Orlando this Passover. According to travel experts, a significant number will be in rented homes and villas. Major hotels like the Doubletree Hilton, Waldorf Astoria, and the Hilton are hosting Passover programs. A major new addition this year is the Rosen Plaza Hotel where Majestic Retreats is sponsoring a Passover program. The hotel recently launched a major new kosher program under the name Zayde’s Kosher Catering.  While a significant number of Passover vacationers will be spending the whole holiday in Orlando, many will be flying to one of America’s leading tourist destinations during Chol Hamoed (the interim days of Passover, April 25-28th). Many of those who will be in homes and villas be receiving their kosher food from several kosher caterers and even supermarkets. They include the highly successful Passover caterer Batya’s, on line sites like EZ Kosher, which will be shipping from Evergreen in Monsey, and Season’s, large independent kosher grocers.