November 16, 2015

Organic Chicken and Canned Chicken Part of New Trends at Kosherfest

It’s been nearly 25 years since Rachel Weisenfeld and her husband launched strictly kosher organic chickens under the brand Wise. They went the extra mile to locate farmers who fed the chickens organic food. You might say that they were ahead of their time since it was well before Natural and organic took off and the Whole Foods of the world became mainstream. Rachel has experienced that extraordinary growth due to a constantly rising demand. “It takes quite a commitment to buy our products since we are on balance 25% more expensive than ordinary chickens,” she said. Her customers by and large fall into two groups, she notes. They are either people with specific diseases that are avoiding the ingredients that are not good for them or the wellness people who simply do not want to consume all of the things that are not good for you. Regardless, operating out of a Williamsburg location, the products are increasingly in demand. Natural and organic products are part of the one of the latest trends to hit the kosher food industry. Kosher supermarkets now have many such products and even designate sections for the products.

Just across from Wise’s booth at Kosherfest was David Levy’s Noah’s canned chicken. The Levys live in the Bay area on the West Coast but believe that their canned chicken will go national. While it looks like albacore tuna, it certainly tastes like chicken. Noah’s is the first chicken product to be sold in a variety of can sizes that can even accommodate foodservice. “The convenience of eating great tasting chicken out of a can is a great new addition,” says David. Convenience is also the case for the grab-and-go bag that is simply just waiting for a slice of bread and some mayo. For kosher consumers canned kosher chicken is just the latest convenience that the industry offers, now thanks to the Levys.