January 22, 2018

Operators of Passover Programs Enthusiastic About 2018 Prospects

Orlando… “There should be a sign: “Sold Out!” That was the way a tour operator described the thousands of Jews who will be spending Passover in the city with its world class attractions. Thousands of Jews will be in rented homes and enjoy catered food by several leading caterers. With an estimated 125 programs around the world, excluding Israel, as many as 100,000 – 125,000 vacationers will be heading to resorts for the upcoming 8-day Passover holiday which begins on the eve of March 30th. Operators of these programs are predicting a banner year, partially due to the early calendar (Passover is typically in mid-April) and the 4-day Chol Hamoed (interim days) that makes it attractive to spend the holiday in a resort Passover program.

Some of the more unique locations include Mont Tremblant, Croatia, Bernalillo, New Mexico, Punta Cana, Fiuggi, Florence, Tuscany, Rimini, Milan (Italy), Venice, Streza, San Diego, Palm Springs, Cancun, Livinstine, Zambia, Barcelona, Cairns (Australia), Jamaica, Costa Rica, Beijing, and Crete. In the past few years some hotel programs were forced to terminate registration due to lack of the number of people needed to proceed. Thus far, there have been no reports about any programs being terminated. Amongst the destinations will be several first-time locations such as the highly touted Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas, operated by Avi and Shneur Faskowitz of Majestic Retreats, which also has a program in Ft. Lauderdale and for the past two years was also in Orlando. They are enthusiastic about the response which they attribute to the many people looking for quality programs and experiences.