July 9, 2019

One Company: 20,000 Flavors and all Kosher

Chicago, Ill…Kosher food experts have long suggested that certification agencies by far certify more ingredients than packaged goods for end users. Most of the products certified in Asia, most notably China, are ingredient items. So it was no surprise when the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) marked a milestone for one such company, Flavorchem Corp. when the company reached an unbelievable 20,000 flavors being certified by the kashrus agency. Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, kashrus administrator for the cRc presented an award to Phillip Sprovieri, owner and Vice President of Sales & Marketing at a special luncheon in the company’s headquarters in Downer’s Grove, Il. The company also has facilities in San Clemente, California and Kerepes, Hungary. Mrs. Sora Laya Friedman is the cRc’s chief point-person for Flavorchem. The cRc held a special luncheon for some of the staff from Flavorchem honoring them for their achievement. The company is known for going the extra mile to help kosher companies, especially when special Kosher for Passover ingredients are required.