December 14, 2009

Once in a Costco Kosher Store a Product Can Turn Up at Any Costco

Detroit, MI…Bernie Cohen of Southfield is jealous. He read about the new Manhattan "kosher" Costco and perhaps a dozen other Costcos that carry kosher fare, but could only hope that his area would one day offer the same. That may take a while but Bernie already noticed a change at his local Costco store. He writes: “I was in the local Costco yesterday and did note that for the first time, I could and did buy a package of Meal Mart corned beef. The price was outstanding and I assumed that this product was now available because of the new store in Manhattan… It would be wonderful if Costco could be the first company to bring discounted kosher to Detroit and show that it could be economically done in the hinterlands.” Kosher purveyors say that their products often appear in smaller kosher markets on a random basis. They say that these “hit and miss” appearances by a kosher brand may be the forerunner of a larger effort or may be just a one time appearance. Mr. Cohen certainly hopes that Meal Mart and other kosher brands will be here to stay in this Midwest community.