August 26, 2013

“Oloves” Olives Promotes Healthy Snacking

Consumers have seen a revolution in eating habits over the past ten years. Consumers, in particular younger consumers, now eat on the move, at their desks or at any opportunity when time permits. The snacking sector has seen an enormous increase; however this has attracted the spot light on the perceived unhealthy image of products such as, sodas, chips and chocolate. "Oloves" Olives is new alternative range of healthy easy to consume on the move snacks. 

They come in four contemporary flavors Chilli & Oregan, Chilli & Garlic, Lemon and Basil & Garlic. They have less than 50 calories per 30gm pack, need no refrigeration and have an 18 month shelf life. Each bag of oloves is easy to open and liquid free! All their products are GMO free, are all natural, gluten free and free from major allergens along with being low calorie. The product is very versatile and is ideal as an accompaniment to a glass of wine or healthy beverage.  Kosher certified under the Star K. These products are also sold in the US through Milas Foods. 

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