March 7, 2016

Some Old Kosher Brands Linger Even After They Have Moved On

New York - It was strange to read a chat on Yeshiva World, an on-line news and feature portal, about some well-known old kosher brands that were no more but that the participants on the chat felt had value. The brands were Ahava and New Square, both part of Ahava Dairies which produced a plethora of dairy products and who had experienced much change in recent years. One chatter opined: “It was one of the two most well-known brands in the American cholov yisroel market. It made no sense that the brands should have disappeared. The brands themselves has tremendous value.” Joseph agreed: “The brands have been around so long and had so much value that it would make sense to continue the brand.” Some brands, say marketing experts, never quite die and an entire generation is able to recall the brand. In the past three decades many iconic kosher brands that dominated the kosher shelves bit the dust. Some are still barely alive while others have passed into the dustbins of kosher history. A recent photo of a ‘70’s kosher grocery store showed shelves lined with Rokeach, Horowitz-Margaretten, Hadar, and Season’s. Some brands like Kedem, Manischewitz, Mehadrin, Lieber’s Paskez, and Bloom’s and others have withstood the test of time. But at the same time, many new brands have emerged as leaders in contemporary kosher, namely such brands as Gefen and Norman’s. So will any of the old brands have a renaissance? Yes, if it’s up to social media.