November 18, 2013

OK Mashgichim Conference Recognizes Special Mashgichim

BROOKLYN, NY — For many of the mashgichim who work for OK Kosher Certification, it was a busy week: Kosherfest, the Shluchim Conference (some 4500 Chabad emissaries from around the world gathered), and the OK Kosher Certification annual Mashgiach Conference at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn, NY. Over 150 OK personnel and mashgichim were in attendance, including many from around the world. 

The conference honored two outstanding mashgichim - Rabbi Yonah Goldberg and Rabbi Levi Krinsky. Both rabbis were chosen for their dedication to upholding the rigorous kashrus standards set forth by the OK and their efforts to forge relationships with personnel in the companies they visit. The OK also recognized Rabbi Favish Moster, who was chosen by Kashrus Magazine  as the Mashgiach of the Year from a pool of all of the mashgichim from all the different hechsherim. 

Rabbi Chaim Fogelman, organizer of the conference, stated, “Our goal is to do kashrus without any compromise whatsoever. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is bringing the mashgichim and office personnel together face to face.”