December 15, 2014

OK Kosher Stands Behind Tropicana; Refutes Charges of Insect Infestation

BROOKLYN, NY — Charges of insect infestation in Tropicana juices are unfounded, according to the OK Kosher Certification which certifies the iconic juice manufacturer. In a phone conversation with Kosher Today, Rabbi Chaim Fogelman, said that the juices had undergone several levels of testing at OK headquarters and by a private laboratory and no infestation was found.

Rabbi Fogelman said that there were no halachic (Jewish law) issues with consuming the juices. Retailers told Kosher Today that there was some negative reaction by consumers “but nothing that is earth shattering.”  Several independent rabbis reached by Kosher Today supported the findings of the OK and said that the agency was a “highly responsible kashrus organization that can be trusted on their word.”

In its statement, the OK noted that “as always, consumers can rest assured that any product bearing the OK symbol is kosher without compromise.”