December 29, 2014

OK Kosher Hosts Mashgichim During Worldwide Conference of Chabad Emissaries

BROOKLYN, NY — The Shluchim Conference is by far one of the largest international gatherings on the Jewish calendar as more than 4000 Chabad emissaries gathered here last month. For OK Kosher, it is also a time to gather many of these emissaries who serve as mashgichim to supervise plants and other establishments all over the world.

Its annual Mashgiach Conference at the Jewish Children’s Museum on November 24th gathered more than 100 OK personnel and mashgichim from around the world. The international nature of the Conference was clearly in evidence as the OK honored Rabbi Yitzchok Rosenfeld from Israel and Rabbi Shmuel Spiero from the Netherlands as this year’s outstanding mashgichim. After greetings from Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, the OK Kashrus Administrator, the conference turned to some of the important issues facing the mashgichim including the practical things to know when visiting a facility and the best way to make a thorough inspection.

Kashrus sources say that in addition to serving as mashgichim for the OK, many of the emissaries in attendance at the Shluchim Conference work for some of the other large kosher certification agencies such as the Orthodox Union. They have become an important source of labor in  the nearly 100 countries that now have facilities requiring kosher certification.