November 10, 2014

Noticeable Increase in International Presence at Kosherfest

Secaucus NJ…While the US and Israel represent the largest kosher markets worldwide,  nations around the world continue to expand their kosher offerings to allow them to compete in those and other markets. In addition to the traditional large Israeli pavilion sponsored by the Israel Export Office, there is a significant presence from countries like Argentina, Canada, and Italy. Other countries represented are the UK, Australia, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. In addition to showcasing their products, many of the certification agencies from some of these countries will also be exhibiting.  If the past is any indication, international exhibitors typically search for distributors. In fact, for some of the international exhibitors in past shows, success meant finding a distributor who then may include that product in their booths in future years. The US kosher market is estimated at $12.5 billion when factoring in all of the products that target kosher consumers, while the Israeli market is estimated at close to $17 billion where nearly 70% of the country’s 6 million Jews eat kosher and many of the 2 million other people including Muslims also frequent Israeli supermarkets, 92% of which sell only kosher products. Kosher sources say that while markets like Europe, South America, and Australia are significantly smaller, companies in those countries often look to produce kosher to target the US and Israeli markets as well as their own.