September 5, 2017

Norman’s Dairy Makes Greek Yogurt Squeezable and Convenient

Rutherford,  NJ by Devorah Paltiel - A decade or two ago, a love of snacking would have meant reaching for a bag of potato chips or a chocolate bar. These days’ millennial snacking habits are having a huge impact on the food snack industry. Firstly we are snacking now more than ever before; with recent Mintel data confirming that 94% of Americans snack at least once a day. This cultural trend has extended to kosher as the big snack manufacturers scramble to supply enough snack foods to the kosher snack aisles across the country. This increase in snacking has led to amplified absent-minded eating; and thus, a greater push for healthy snack options. Kosher consumers, specifically the younger generation, continue to look for healthy on-the-go snack alternatives to chocolate and cookies. Understanding this need, Norman’s Dairy stepped in with their Greek I.Q. yogurt pouches in June, the first on-the-go yogurt pouch in the Cholov Yisroel market.

“In the kosher world it can be hard to find healthy, portable snack options that don’t create a mess or require adult supervision,” said a Norman’s spokesman. “Our yogurt pouches feature easy screw tops, so children only need to give them a simple squeeze to reach the yogurt inside. In addition, each pouch is loaded with 8 grams of protein to keep kids fuller for longer, as well as BC30 active live probiotic cultures that don’t lose their efficacy by the time they’re eaten.”Merely days after entering the market, many stores had already sold out of their I.Q. yogurt stock. “Our pouches were so convenient for summer travelling that families were purchasing them by the dozens. But even as the summer is winding down, we are finding that sales continue to climb.” Produced in Norman’s very own state-of-the-art factory, the I.Q. pouches can be eaten without a spoon or bowl, and are therefore the perfect on-the-go healthy snack.