May 6, 2013

NormanÕs Introduces 80 Lite Yogurt

RUTHERFORD, NJ — Norman’s recently introduced their 80 Lite line of yogurt. Norman’s is rapidly emerging as the definitive low-calorie yogurt in the Cholov Yisroel market. Arriving at a time when problems like obesity and weight-related illness are unfortunately rampant, 80 Lite offers a healthy, delicious, and natural alternative to calorie-heavy dairy items. Traditionally, “healthy” yogurts have lacked substantial texture and taste in order to achieve their low-calorie goal. Not so with 80 Lite. Consistent with Norman’s high quality reputation, 80 Lite is created in a painstakingly deliberate method, with different ingredients carefully added at just the right moments in the process to give it a creamy, savory texture. 80 Lite also comes in 5 flavors- coffee, vanilla, summer berry, peach, and strawberry. Each flavor is just 80 calories and contains live cultures and no artificial flavor or color.  80 Lite is available wherever Norman’s products are sold. 

For more information call Norman’s Dairy Delight at 718-939-7878