November 3, 2014

Nomoo Gives New Meaning to “Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!”

Secaucus NJ- It may not be cake that you can have and eat but a cookie that overcomes some of the traditional allergens and will be on display at Kosherfest by newcomer Noomo Cookies, founded in 2013 by David Bader. He started his career as a hobby baker making cookies for his friends and family. Many of his friends loved his chocolate cookies (which contained dairy), but since they kept kosher, they often couldn’t enjoy them as desserts after a meat meal. David realized that there was a dearth of high quality kosher desserts in stores and so he figured that it might as well be him that fills the void. David shared his frustration with his colleague Gretchen Dossa, whose daughter happened to be allergic to milk. She spent years in the kitchen learning to cook dairy free and relied on kosher products for her daughter. David and Gretchen decided to joins skills in the kitchen and begin with cookies because, who doesn’t like cookies? So they experimented until they came up with the perfect cookie recipe. Nomoos cookies only use high-quality ingredients in their products. They launched the company last June and decided to debut their products at Kosherfest. They plan on sampling many favorites such as Ginerslap, Flyin-hawaiian, and Choco-lift amongst others. Gingerslaps was a winner in Kosherfest’s New Product Competition. Elen Bahr, spokesperson for Nomoo says, “Our specialty and what makes us so unique is they are not professional bakers, the founders saw a need for kosher/allergy clients that wanted high-quality cookies and they wanted to provide it for them.”