June 25, 2012

Nominations for Mashgiach of the Year Sought

NEW YORK -- They have often been referred to as “the unsung heroes of kashrus.” Several mashgichim have lost their lives in accidents or most recently in the terrorist attack in Mumbai. It is no wonder then that Kashrus Magazine is for the second straight year looking to crown the “Mashgiach (kosher supervisor) of the Year” that includes a $1000 cash prize. 

Last year Gedalia Silverstein, a mashgiach for the Atlanta Kashrus Commission, was voted the “Mashgiach of the Year.” The winners are cited for their exceptional dedication to their jobs, innovation, and meticulous supervision. Nominees may only be mashgichim who are doing on-site hashgacha work. Rabbinical coordinators, field representatives, or anyone in a supervisory capacity are not eligible for this award. 

In a statement, Kashrus Magazine said: “We want to award a mashgiach who is the eyes and ears of the hashgacha inside a plant, eating establishment, catering facility, food service operation, healthcare facility, etc. This “unsung hero” is the man whom we wish to elevate. ”