August 6, 2019

NINE DAYS: A Showcase for Everything but Meat

New York…This is the week where meat takes a back seat to food like pizza, sushi, fish and cheeses. These are the Nine Days of mourning for the destruction of the First and Second Temple during which observant Jews do not eat meat. The Nine Days end on Sunday August 11th with the fast of the Ninth of Av. Elan Kornblum of Great American Kosher Restaurants, lists more than 50 locations that will be offering a special “Nine Days Menu” in addition to their regular menu. Most of these restaurants have added fish, pastas, and other non-meat dishes to their menus but still offer their regular menu. For manufacturers of dairy products, this is the time of year to promote their products as do ice cream companies and yogurt manufacturers. Dairy restaurants in such resort places as Monticello and South Fallsburg in the Catskills were filled to capacity. Pizza shops were doing a booming business as were the growing number of kosher sushi shops. Many of the Orthodox publications featured special Nine Days Menus in their food sections and supermarkets especially merchandised their dairy offerings.