September 14, 2009

Newcomers to Kosherfest Mirror Industry Trends

Secaucus, NJ…by Elie Appleson…A significant number of exhibitors at the annual Kosherfest (October 27-28) at the Meadowlands Exposition Center are returning companies, many of which have been with the kosher food show since its inception more than two decades ago. But the industry will also be paying close attention to the new and different products that will be showcased at the kosher food show. Some of the newcomers will be adding yet another dimension to the ever-growing kosher food industry. Luck Chen Noodles, for example, is a microwaveable, pre-cooked, Asian noodle dish that is offered in a variety of 5 flavors. The name sounds Chinese but to Yiddish speaking customers it sounds very much like “lugshen,” which means noodles. These noodles are steam cooked and packaged in a patented method, are shelf stable, and do not require refrigeration. Aside from focusing on convenience, Luck Chen is pursuing the health conscious as it promotes the fact that it contains no MSG, or artificial colors and flavors, and is neither fried nor dehydrated and this is the first kosher product of its kind. Then there is Tauber’s Best featuring salmon with florentine stuffing, an elegant gourmet dish that is made of a pinwheel of fresh salmon and tasty stuffing. The tilapia with spicy salmon stuffing and salmon burgers are yet another Tauber’s Best creation which brings the world of prepackaged kosher food to a fine dining level. Tauber’s Best products are packaged for freezer storage and maintain their freshness after cooking them either on the stove top or in the oven.

A unique genre of product for Kosherfest is Kar-Ben Publishing’s Jewish Library for children. Kar-Ben has been publishing mainstream Jewish content children’s books and has achieved success in many grocery store chains in addition to Judaica stores. They will be showcasing a wide assortment of books at Kosherfest, including holiday oriented books, stories revolving around Shabbat, Bible stories, and calendars which can be customized with a grocery store or other logo, and can include relevant coupons. That in itself represents the expanding nature of the supermarket shelf that seeks to offer the kosher consumer more than just food. These are the kinds of trends that make Kosherfest so important to the industry.