August 10, 2009

New York Remains Largest Kosher Market But Not for Everyone

New York…The New York Metro area which includes the majority of the nation’s 5.2 million Jews remains the largest kosher market in the nation but with many caveats from distributors and national retailers surveyed by KosherToday. Most kosher sources say that the New York market, which includes large Jewish communities in neighboring New Jersey, represents “roughly half of their sales nationwide.” But for many the equation has shifted dramatically over the past five years. Large national food companies on average consider New York to be about 35% - 40% of their overall kosher market while more ethnic kosher companies put New York in the 50% - 60% range. A major factor in the different numbers is the large Orthodox and Chasidic communities in the New York region, say the kosher sources. They estimate that as many as 350,000 people fit into that category with a significant number relying on more stringent certifications of Chasidic agencies and rabbis. Even so, the growth of kosher has been significant out of New York with its many new kosher supermarkets and growing “smaller Jewish communities,” say the sources.