October 21, 2013

New York Gets New Kosher Dairy Plant

BINGHAMTON — Word has it that a new kosher dairy will soon begin operations in Upstate, NY. A new entity, Mountain Fresh Dairy LLC formed in March, plans to produce kosher dairy products at the former Crowley plant. They expect to employ nearly 90 people, according to Broome County Industrial Development Agency. 

Mountain Fresh Dairy was awarded a $200,000 loan from the IDA to assist with purchasing machinery and equipment that will produce Cholov Yisroel dairy products. One of the principals is believed to be Mr. Zeev Rothschild of Lakewood, NJ. Company officials told the IDA their plan involves beginning with milk and bottled water operations at the facility, before expanding into other kosher products, including Greek yogurt and hard cheeses. Other potential products include ice cream, liquid cream, juice drinks and other yogurt drinks.