June 20, 2016

New Vitamin Candy from Packom Sweets

Packom Sweets introduces Jake vitamin candy to the US market. It was developed with the goal to provide the world with a sugar free candy that can be enjoyed every day, with added benefits. By providing impeccable and perfectly formulated flavors and delivering them as sugar free candies, Jake vitamin candy is sure to please anyone’s taste buds! Whether it’s Vitamin C, a combination of multivitamins or all natural antioxidants, coupled with a blast of flavor in every piece, Jake vitamin candy is the perfect choice. Jake vitamin candy is offered in seven flavors; Peach, Coconut Blueberry, Grape, Green Tea Lime, Raspberry, Tangerine and Mango. Packom Sweets started in 2006 and spread across two continents, with one mission in mind, to craft a candy that brings functionality to the confectionary world. Kosher certified under the Kof-K. For more information visit: www.vitamincandy.com