November 18, 2019

New Turkey Kielbasa from KJ Poultry

Monroe, NY… KJ Poultry introduced their new Turkey Kielbasa Sausagesat last week's Kosherfest to rave reviews. Made with natural spices and only the finest cuts of meat this product is fully cooked and ready in minutes. These smoked sausage delivers a quality meal with rich, bold flavor. They are made from all natural ingredients, with no msg, no hormones, reduced sodium, and are gluten free. As a result, they have less fat and saturated fats than a beef kielbasa. "Our Turkey Kielbasa can be enjoyed in many ways, from soups, casseroles and stews, as well as sliced into sandwiches. A delicious answer to weeknight dinners!” said Chaim Oberlander, COO of KJ. KJ Poultry's products are all certified by the Orthodox Union (OU), Rabbi Getzel Berkowitz of Kiryas Joel, and the Sephardic Beit Din of America (SBD). Established in 2003, KJ Poultry is located in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley Region. KJ Poultry Processing is the largest kosher poultry plant in New York State. They are locally owned and operated, and backed by the community of Kiryas Joel. For more information visit: