June 15, 2009

New Toffee Crunch Mixes from Manhattan Chocolates

Manhattan Chocolates has introduced a new line of non dairy Toffee Crunch Mixes. This novel product comes in two “milky” choices and three varieties of dark chocolate. The “milky” alternatives are available in “Toffee Crunch” (a cashew butter crunch) and “Toffee Crunch Mix” (containing peanuts and pretzels).This comes as welcome news to the many consumers wishing to exclude or restrict their lactose intake. Especially when learning that the product is made in a totally lactose-free factory. Not that one could tell with its rich and creamy flavor derived from rice milk. This is an all natural product, without any additives or added preservatives. The product comes in three dark chocolate varieties and two milky ones found in stand-alone bags, boxes and tubs. Manhattan Chocolates makes chocolate a welcome, all natural dairy-free treat. For more info, please contact: Martin Davidson 718-534-0172 or email [email protected]