June 13, 2017

New Taco Shells from Ortega

Ortega introduces a new line of Taco Shells called Good Grains Taco Shells. An alternative to the traditional corn shell, Ortega Good Grains Taco Shells are elevating the taco shell category, crafted with artisanal blends of real corn, unique grains and thoughtful ingredients baked into, and clearly visible within, each shell. Ortega Good Grains Taco Shells are made with whole kernel corn, giving them an authentic taste and a distinctive flavor, aroma and texture. Available in four different varieties – Blue Corn, White Corn with Chia Seeds, Yellow Corn & Ancient Grains and Whole Grain & Lentil – there’s a flavor for every palate. Ortega Good Grains Taco Shells are available in carton packs of 10. Kosher certified under OK Kosher and Parve. For more information visit: www.ortega.com