October 31, 2016

New Products Offer Mix of Product Enhancements and Line Extension

NEW YORK - As a group, the new product winners this year represented a great deal of product enhancement and line extension in many of the categories. Some of the winners were the familiar kosher companies that have been steadily increasing their SKU’s, often going well beyond their traditional items. Like last year, Manischewitz won the best new Kosher for Passover product; this year it was its Matzo S'mores. Other familiar winners were Exotic Sauce and Paskesz. As many as 300 new products will be introduced at Kosherfest (November 15-16), many will be gluten-free and part of the ongoing expansion of the category. The fact that Parvella, a product from Italy and Shneider’s from France were big winners shows just how prominent kosher products from overseas have become on the American market. The new product introductions also show that the kosher food market is growing in both the traditional foods as much as it is in healthier and more gourmet items.

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