February 14, 2012

New Products for Passover Stress Upscale, Gourmet and Healthy Eating

New York… If you expected the unexpected this year like a Passover challah, think again. On the contrary, this year’s crop of new products appeals to meal enhancement, much of it upscale and even healthier eating. But the list this year is also extremely diverse, touching almost every category. So here is KosherToday’s list (submitted by the companies themselves): Eden Organic Spaghetti Sauce, No Salt Spaghetti Sauce, Pizza Pasta Sauce, Crushed Tomatoes, Crushed Tomatoes with Sweet Basil, and Crushed Tomatoes with Roasted Onion & Garlic are now available in new, protective amber glass containers. These sauces can be placed on Manischewitz spiral and shell shaped gluten-free pasta which is made in Israel and available in 12 oz. bags. Other new products in similar categories include Valterra Extra Virgin Olive Oil (DS International Traders), Almacen Cuna de Olivares Vero Andino and Olikids Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Argentina); Olive Oil, Kalamata and Giant Santa epicurean olives, Passion Fruit Obsession and Passion Fruit Sauce,  and Charoset (all From Oxygen); Mikee Mango Duck Sauce (Exotic Sauce Packaging, which won Kosherfest’s 2012 Best New "Kosher for Passover" Product);  Sugat Royal White Quinoa (Osem); Mother’s new one pound block of butter ( pareve and gluten-free); and Mother’s margarine blocks are back.

While more and more supermarkets sell hand-made Shmura Matzohs, the shelves will be decked with all kinds of new Matzah and Matzah related products. They include Organic Matzo (Manischewitz); Yehuda’s Gluten Free Toasted Onion Matzo-Style Square Line (not to be confused with Matzah that requires the Hamotzie blessing); Yehuda’s Gluten Free Cake Meal;   All Natural Gluten Free Panko Flakes (Jeff Nathan Creations ); and gluten-free Pesach Crumbs (Mishpacha).On the traditional end of Matzos, Manischewitz introduces a new round handmade Seder table Matzah as well as the tastes of rosemary, oregano and olive oil with Manischewitz Mediterranean Matzah.  Osem introduces their Thin Matzah in Original and Whole Wheat flavors, Sandwich Matzah Strips – Original and Whole Wheat, Milk Chocolate Coated Matzah and Dark Chocolate Coated Matzah in Mint Flavor a new Passover after dinner delicacy.

There are also new additions for breakfast and desserts: Nescafe Taster's Choice Decaffeinated instant coffee, (Hatam Sofer Kashrut); Eco Café Line of Fair Trade Costa Rican Coffee which is available in six premium aromas and roasts as well as seven different varieties of Halva (Oxygen); Sucralis (Splenda) in one gram packets or liquid form for cooking and in tablets for on the go (California Delight- distributed by DS International Traders); Raspberry Syrup water flavoring (Osem); Yummy Bites and Frozen Yogurt Pop’s in Pomegranate and Sherbet Orange Cream (Klein’s Kosher Ice Cream); Chevra Frozen Strawberries (Klein’s Kosher Ice Cream); and Gluten-free Yellow and Chocolate Cake Mixes (Manischewitz). 

In the meat and fish category,  Jack’s Gourmet introduces Beef Kielbasa Sausage- and Spicy Southwestern Style Sausage (gluten free). Alle Processing introduces Meal Mart Meals including  Chicken Soup with Matzoh Balls, Hungarian Style Beef Stuffed Cabbage in Sweetened Tomato Sauce, Beef Stew and Oven Roasted Lamb Breast. Manischewitz introduces a Mediterranean Gefilte Fish. In the sweets department, there are many new additions, including Sweet Goodies licorice in four flavors (low fat and gluten- free); Guiltless Gourmet Crunches (Toasted Almond Crunch, Roasted Cashew Crunch, and Berries & Cherries Nut Crunch); Kettle Chips - Barbeque and Sea Salt (Manischewitz); Twisty Color Marshmallows and & Ice Pops (Mishpacha);  Macaroons in Commemorative Tin, Mint Chocolate Macaroons, Sugar-Free Macaroons and  Red Velvet Cake Mix (Manischewitz); Bamba with Halvah Sesame Cream, and POPCO Butterscotch Flavored Corn (Osem).