October 31, 2018

New Product Winners Notable for Enhancements and Convenience

Brooklyn, NY…When the New Product Competition ended on October 28th at the Kosher Culinary Center, many of the winners were recognized for their innovation and enhancements for a kosher consumer looking for some of these products. It is estimated that nearly 300 new items are introduced every year in the kosher market. The Best in Show this year was a condiment, sautéed onions in a can, Easy Onions by Bloom’s. The other category winners included the following:

Cheese - Sampling Trio - Gouda Cheese, Cheddar Cheese and Guava Paste, by Anderson International Foods; Convenience Breakfast - Snack Delite Fruity Marshmallow Bars by Quality Frozen Foods; Breads and Baked Goods - Gluten Free Cheese Sambuzak by Glutenfree.sy; Frozen Entrees – Yapchik by Meal Mart Food / Alle Processing; Pastas -Frozen Cheese and Pizza Ravioli by A & B Famous Gefilte Fish; Candy - Popples Art by Paskesz Candy; Sweet Snacks and Cookies - Moroccan Cookies - Orange Blossom & Almonds by Meska Sweets; Beverages- True Eagle Energy Drink by True Eagle Enterprises; Dips, Spreads and Salsa - Tessera Pitted Kalamata  Olives & Pitted Mixed Olives by Oxygen Imports; Kosher for Passover - Date Syrup & Orange Juice Marinade - No Added Sugar by Oxygen Imports; Spices, Oils and Vinegars - Korean Sauce Gift Set by KOKO Food; Novelty - ShabBulb, Shabbat Permissible LED Light Bulb by Sunlite; Frozen Desserts - JUMBO Elegant Pops by Elegant Desserts; Packaged Meats - Israeli Style Shwarma Sausage by Meal Mart Food / Alle Processing; Savory Snacks - TropicMax All Natural Plantain Croutons by Sterling Sales; Wine - Mony Via by Happy Hearts Wine.