November 4, 2019

New Product Winner Cake Designer Turns Art into Kosher Artistry at Kosherfest

Secaucus, NJ…When Kosherfest opens next Tuesday November 12th at the Meadowlands Convention Center, Natalie Glazier, a French-Moroccan Jew, of Au Bon Cakes will be sharing her unique Hebrew and Jewish-themed cookie/fondant cutters, and cake toppers. She will be searching for additional Judaica and Baking retail distribution opportunities, especially internationally. Natalie will be showcasing more than 60 different items at a show that will feature more than 100 new exhibitors in what will be a major transition to the new world of kosher. –Although she started the business a year ago, she has always had a passion for ceramics andclay, which she easily transformed into her current love for cookie cutters. She is already in stores like Cerekes and PepperMill and is hoping to meet many more interested retailers at Kosherfest. She is proud that she personally “had a hand” in developing every one of her products. A winner of the Best New Product Competition at Kosherfest with her siddur font 8 mm letters, she is hoping to penetrate the Israel market next.