June 24, 2019

New Pizootz Peanuts and Almonds from Quality Frozen Foods Distributors

Quality Frozen Foods Distributors introduces Pizootz Peanuts and Almond, an ideal snack item for summer trips and long summer evenings. Peanuts and almonds are both famously high in protein and fiber and heart healthy! Virginia peanuts are said to be the finest in the world - you can truly taste and see the difference (they are also the largest of all peanuts). Pizootz takes premium Virginia peanuts, infuses them with artisanal flavor profiles, and using proprietary hydraulic pressure innovation extracts the oils from the nut and replaces it with natural flavor!  Pizootz almonds are available in four fabulous flavors: Salt & Pepper, Dill pickle, Baja Taco and Habanero. For more information and to order contact: [email protected] or visit:  www.qualityfrozenfoods.com/