March 30, 2009

New Organic Frozen Baby Food from Bella Baby

A new line of kosher organic baby foods is now available from Bella Baby Foods. Born from the idea of small batch meals, Bella Baby Foods has a unique way of freezing their baby food in convenient 1.5 ounce packets. It allows mothers to choose exactly how much food and what food combinations are right for your baby. The foods have no added sugar, no added salt, wheat and gluten free and no artificial flavors. Bella Baby’s unique packaging protects against freezer odor, freezer burn, and the freshness transfers directly from the freezer to the baby’s clean dish. Says the company: “For teething babies, Bella Baby Packets are fantastic. Just open a corner of the frozen package and let babies enjoy quality, organic nutrition while soothing their throbbing gums.” The products are kosher certified under Kof-K. For more information and to order email [email protected] or visit