February 16, 2021

New On-Line Resource for Everything Kosher Launched

Los Angeles…After friends Daniel Kramer and Doni Schwartz found success in creating a space at Passover Listings for holiday vacationers to easily find programs and reviews, they saw a space in the market to do more. They created a new unique website called myjewishlistings.com, the first ever one stop shop for all Jewish business needs, including everything kosher.


On My Jewish Listings, people can easily find anything from a chiropractor to a kosher sushi restaurant, to a kosher winter all-inclusive vacation. With over 5,000 Jewish businesses, Jewish travel companies and kosher restaurants listed across every major Jewish community, customers can now find business professionals, kosher restaurants, or Jewish travel programs. My Jewish Listings makes it easier to find transparent pricing, reviews and amenities across all Jewish business categories, travel, and kosher restaurants, much like a complete Jewish version of “Yelp” or “Trip Advisor”.

“My Jewish Listings has made it so easy for me to connect with customers,” says Ari Goldberg, a Jewish business owner. “I can just log into my private dashboard and see all the people that came to my page over the last week.  I love the fact that I can reach people via Facebook and via the website.  I’ve definitely seen an uptick in my sales since I created my page on their website.” Aside from Jewish businesses and Jewish travel, they have partnered with Kosher GPS, the largest kosher restaurant mobile app in the world. Currently, the app shows where the nearest kosher restaurant is www.myjewishlistings.com!