January 13, 2014

New Non Dairy Products from Daiya Foods Inc

VANCOUVER, BC — Daiya Foods has introduced two new products – Slices and Cream Cheese Style Spreads. For those who don’t or can’t eat dairy or cheese, Daiya has once again developed delicious products that melt and stretch, are creamy and smooth, and most importantly – taste like cheese – to satisfy those who have been missing out on the joy of cheese. Daiya Slices – available in Cheddar Style, Swiss Style and Provolone Style, are offered in a re-sealable package and can be enjoyed cold on sandwiches, melted in quesadillas or eaten as a tasty snack. Daiya Cream Cheese Style Spreads  are available in Plain, Strawberry and Chive and Onion.  All Daiya products are free of the top 8 food allergens including dairy (casein, whey and lactose), soy – which is common to many other dairy -free cheese alternatives – gluten, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts (excluding coconut). Daiya products are vegan, and have 0 mg of cholesterol per serving, no trans fats or preservatives and are kosher certified under the Orthodox Union (OU). For more information and recipes, visit: www.daiyafoods.com.