June 9, 2014

New National Kosher Food Council Formed; Replaces Kosher Food Distributors Association

CHICAGO — A new National Kosher Food Council was recently formed, under the leadership of Joe Plueger of Mid-Town Distribution. The Council succeeds the Kosher Food Distributors Association which in recent years was hosted by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade. The purpose of the Council will be to “sponsor various activities to promote the sale of kosher foods.” In addition to Mr. Plueger, other founding members include Marty Stein of Tree of Life/Kehe Foods; Yakov Yarmove of Jewel Osco, Harold Weiss of Kfp International - Kedem; Andrew Lansman of A & L Foods, Tamara Dorrell of Safeway; Bill Springer and Karyn Gilbert of Diversified Communications/Kosherfest and Menachem Lubinsky of Lubicom/Kosher Today.

The KFDA had its origins several decades ago when it became the umbrella organization for a network of kosher food distributors around the country, many affiliated with Manischewitz and Streit’s. Amongst its better known activities was an annual meeting and a contest for retailers with the best advertisements for the holidays. In recent years, with consolidation and change in kosher food distribution, its membership was in decline.

Under the NASFT, the major activity of the KFDA was its annual kosher food calendar with its instructive material on each Jewish holiday, including recipes. For many in the industry, the calendar became the “bible.” Mr. Plueger indicated that the new NKFC would continue and even expand the calendar which would be available on-line as well as embark on many other activities to help promote kosher foods. NKFC will be hosted by DC/Kosherfest.