May 20, 2013

New Major Kosher Supermarket Set to Open in Monsey

MONSEY, NYThe location is certainly not new to kosher as it was once the site of Pathmark, which was widely heralded as one of the supermarket pioneers in virtually having a kosher store within a store. Next month, a new kosher supermarket, Evergreen, will open in the newly renovated Town Square, which includes a number of well-known stores including Amazing Savings. 

The store will emulate the model of the Gourmet Glatt stores in Cedarhurst and Boro Park where many well-known food brands operate stores within the store in addition to special sections for meat and fish, for example. Monsey is one of the fastest growing Jewish communities, including its large Chasidic population with significantly larger families than are found in other Jewish communities. The developers hope to cater to a diverse clientele by including a broad product mix, ranging from unique gourmet items to products in bulk (i.e. Costco).

Evergreen will feature some unique sections like On the Run or on The Go, Sage (focus on health), Blossoms, Warehouse (the bulk goods), and Glatt Geshmak (prepared foods).