March 6, 2017

A New Kosher Wine Bar Makes Waves in Jerusalem

Jerusalem - It is the first kosher wine bar in Israel and perhaps worldwide. Here in a non-descript location in Rechavia is Corky’s, indeed part of the décor is a row of corks from some of the 370 kosher wines that are available, matched with some great foods, including premier cheeses.  Geoffrey Rochwarger, an energy executive, is the brainchild behind this novel eatery which in essence pays tribute to Israel’s growing prominence in the world of premier kosher wines. His partners Eyal Buchsbaum and Evyatar Cohen share his passion for the unprecedented food and wine experience. In fact, if you can tell a man by the company he keeps, Geoff was host to Jurgen Wagner, a well-known winemaker affiliated with the Capcanes brand from Spain. Says Geoff: “At Corky, we have built the menu in a way that encourages comparative tasting. At any given time we have three options of themed tastings. We also have a menu that has between 10 – 12 wines by the glass and over 200 bottles on our bottle menu. The tasters and wines by the glass change completely every 3-4 weeks, so someone can practically come in once every week and taste completely different wines.” Sitting alongside a long wide table, a dozen or so people enjoy the fusion of great food and some of the best wines to come out of Israel. Geoffrey believes that the kosher wine bar is an idea whose time has come. An increasing number of religious Israelis covet great tasting wines and this food and wine experience is exactly what the current trend in kosher demands.