October 18, 2010

New Kosher Sausages Seeks to Target New Tastes of Kosher

New York…It may not exactly be what kosher sushi lovers were waiting for, but it is part of the rapidly expanding taste buds of younger kosher consumers. Old World Kosher Sausage recently announced that its variety of kosher sausages was certified by the Orthodox Union (OU). Ethan Feinberg, President of Old World Kosher Sausage, partnered with David Samuels to create such flavors as Chicken Apple Sausage, Hot Italian Sausage, and Sweet Italian Sausage. The company will also be targeting the foodservice sector in response to the growing demand by caterers and restaurateurs for the kosher sausages. Old World Kosher Sausage is made from 100 percent OU kosher certified chicken thighs and comes in a variety of flavors which have never been tasted in the kosher food industry. “We are truly honored that David Samuels has chosen to share his secret recipes with us so that we can bring this unique product to the kosher consumer,” declared Mr. Feinberg.