October 29, 2012

New Kosher Products Take Aim at Mainstream Markets

NEW YORK — Much has changed since new kosher products were first evaluated nearly a decade ago, according to judges and other industry experts. While new items a decade ago appeared to enhance kosher items already on supermarket shelves, today’s new items can potentially compete in the mainstream market, say the experts. They especially singled out the products that appealed to the growing number of consumers looking for healthier products. 

The Best in Show product this year, for example, was a Chocolate Peanut Butter made by Gelato Petrini. Norman’s new Cholov Yisrael Yogurt, said the judges, tasted as good or better than popular Greek Yogurt products in the non Cholov Yisrael market. There was even a winner in confectionery with organic products by Torie and Howard Organic Candies. 

Several distributors contacted by KosherToday agreed that even kosher items that have broader appeal often do well with the “crossover” market. Many of these products, argues Milt Weinstock, President of Kosher Media Network, can indeed make it in the mainstream market. Mr. Weinstock will join John McGuckin, Vice President of Sabra Dipping Company at a Kosherfest seminar in discussing how Sabra, a $10 million “kosher” brand, became a $300 Million “mainstream” brand in only 3 years.