September 1, 2021

New Kosher Products are a Miracle, Sources Say; Competition Set for October 20th

Brooklyn…A team of distinguished judges will once again evaluate a large number of new products that are scheduled to debut at Kosherfest 2021, November 9-10 at the Meadowlands Convention Center, Secaucus NJ. To be eligible, products must have been introduced from June 2019 through Kosherfest 2021. All entries are automatically eligible for the New Product Display Case for a fee. Kosher food sources say that the appearance of so many new kosher products “is nothing short of a miracle.” They point to the disruption of supply in many countries due to labor shortages resulting from Covid-19. The judges will also select a “Best in Show'' winner, who has traditionally been a huge boost for the sales of winning products. The judges will consider products in the following categories: Cereals and Convenience Breakfast | Yogurt or Cheese | Savory Snacks, Chips, Crackers | Sweet Snacks, Cookies and Candy | Breads and Baked Goods | Baking Aisle | Frozen Desserts | Dips, Spreads and Salsa | Jams/Preserves and Dried Fruit | Condiments, Sauces, Dressings and Marinades | Spices, oils and vinegars | Pastas, Soups, Rice, Grains | Frozen Entrees & Meal Components (Pizza, TV Dinners, etc.) | Packaged Meats (deli, sausages, cured fish, etc.) | Giftware, Novelties & Non-food | Kosher for Passover (mockups/prototypes allowed for this category only) | Wines, Beer or Spirits | Beverages (non-alcoholic). The winners will be announced in a special edition of Kosher Today.